Headache & Fever Medicine During Pregnancy

    Even though it is true that both fever as well as headache are not necessarily dangerous, these two sicknesses are in fact, however, quite annoying. This is even more so when a woman has entered their pregnancy period. But those pregnant women out there will not have to worry too much if they happen to catch a fever or experience headaches when they are pregnant as there are ways they can try to treat the fever and headache.

    To treat headache, try making sure to consume enough sugar at all times. Low blood sugar can often be one thing that causes headaches. Do this by always having meals at the proper times and prepare snacks containing high energy around. In addition to that, always drink enough, if not a lot of, water. Lacking of consuming water can often be a cause of a headache as well.

    Stay at healthy environment. Also, keep away from loud noises such as loud music or noisy crowded area. Additionally, try lying down in some rooms where it is quiet and raise the feet up. Do this for approximately fifteen minutes.

    Use both cold and hot compresses on the area where the headache occur to treat the headache. Do this for about some fifteen minutes and the headache should go. Also, always take enough rest when necessary. Slicing a lemon into wedges and then sucking the juice that pours out of it is also a good idea.
    On the other hand, in order to treat fever during pregnancy, get informed on the body temperature in advance. It is of utmost importance to know the exact body temperature. Then, if the body temperature reaches 101 degrees Fahrenheit, it is then time to see the doctor.

    Just like treating headache during pregnancy, while treating fever, it is also of utmost importance to take in adequate, if not plenty, water or liquid. Fever can often cause a pregnant woman to get dehydrated in quite no time at all. As a result, the pregnant woman may start feeling morning sickness. When this takes place, get some ice chips to suck. Put on a cool compress on the wrists as well as the forehead. A cool compress can quite easily be made by running a piece of cloth under some cool water.
    Take into consideration consuming acetaminophen. However, to do this, see the doctor in advance. Although it is quite safe to consume, it is always best to anticipate everything in advance before anything bad happens. For more such information visit Ankoor fertility clinic & consult Dr. Kedar Ganla one of the best IVF Doctors in Mumbai



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